Problem Solved!  Most people don't know how important proper foot hygiene is.  But feet, especially in-between your toes, are full of BACTERIA, DEAD SKIN, and ODOR.  YUCK! YUCK!! and YUCK!!!  And, the majority of men and women just don't clean that area properly.  We get it; . . . it's difficult to squeeze that giant body puff or washcloth into those tiny spaces.  And, let's be honest, soapy water running down your leg to your feet just doesn't cut it. That's why I designed and created Toe Tickler. 

Toe Tickler is a thoughtfully designed slender brush that has high quality soft and tapered bristles, as well as an eco-friendly renewable bamboo handle.  It easily cleans and gently exfoliates the toe web area.*  Also, while Toe Tickler is great for EVERYONE, people with balance, flexibility or joint stiffness difficulities really love this product!  Just apply your favorite body wash or soap.  It's easy, quick and fun to use!  

Thank you for your support!

*for external use only